Waterdeep and Beyond

Campaign 2 Game 2 Down Down Down


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Game 2 Down Down Down

The party were woken up sharply by Aurelia summoning them for breakfast.  As they dragged themselves downstairs they smelt the wonderful smell of a fresh cooked breakfast.  They spent time gouging into the food while Aurelia hummed her tunes in the other room.  The party now full discussed the upcoming trip when Shrike shoved all the food into the bag of holding.


After further discussion they headed to the basement and to the back.  Lizbet entered the code for the passage way and the alter slid to the side.

The party traveled for what seemed like hours down a continuous passage way.  Binki looked at the workmanship and determined it was not carved.  Indeed the tunnels look to have been magically made.

Continuing down the tunnel they eventually reached a intersection.  Shrike sent her raven down the left hand tunnel and suddenly lost connection to it.  The party sticking with tradition went left to see what happened.  Rolen and Vhorzim were up front.  Eventually Rolen and Vhorzim entered a small room that was a dead end.  With his sharp elven eyes Rolen spotted a slim crack in the room with some black goop dripping through it.  Just in time as a mass mound formed out of it.  Reaching well above their heads the black pudding tried to catch Rolen but he narrowly avoided it.  A fight ensued with the black roop catching Vhorzim several times almost bringing an early end to his career in the rag tags.  Luring it back to the rest of the group they put and end to it and retreated back to the intersection.  They decided to go left from this passage.  Eventually they found themselves walking on something soft and sticky.  As they looked about they found themselves in the middle of a huge web suspended over a massive chasm.  Above them they could hear the skittering sounds of huge spiders.  They also spotted sacks hanging from the room one which had a arm protruding with wiggling fingers.

Vhorzim flew up and cut it free and binki tried to catch it but got flattened. Opening the sack they found a human in a pretty bad way.  Healing him up attracted the spiders and suddendly they appeared out of nowhere.   Large silver and black things.  The party surrounded the human to protect him but he stood up in defiance and and joined the fight.  They fought bravely but when Shrike set fire to the whole web they knew they hads little time.  They retreated back to the main passage and fought off the last of the spiders.  During the fight the human had managed to extricate the axe from Binki’s back.  

ONce they were safe as can be the human introduced himself as Alstine a guard from Waterdeep.  He had followed a patrol that had been sent into the halls to find and eradicate any remaining drow that might be seeking safety.  The party offered to escort him back but Alstine vowed to continue with them to try and find his colleagues.

The party after some more failed exploration headed back to the massive chasm.  As they looked down they could not see the bottom.  It was then Vhorzim came up with a plan and summoned a hippogryph to ferry them down.  This went well until it came to Binki who weight was too much and injured the creature.  The party managed to heal it up enough for it to bring Alstine down.  Rolen however jumped from the top and activated his new levitation broach he had acquired on his travels.

Now at the bottom they tried to rest but were set upon by a wandering band of kobolds  whom they easily dispatched.  After gaining some rest the party headed down the only open passageway which opened into a long corridor.  They enetred a hexagonal room with pillars reaching from floor to roof.  Some were broken.  Several stairways headed up in different directions.  They chose westwards and found themselves in a long room with mirrors down either side.  Vhorzim got curious and went near one when suddenly his reflection lashed out and tried to grab him and pull him in.  He reacted suddenly shattering the mirror and suddenly his mind was in agonising pain causing him to drop to his knees.  This put the party on guard and Rolen did the same suffering the same migraine.  They tried to rush out the corridor but Vhorzim summoned a great stone wall all around the room sealing the way in but covering the mirrors.  This left the far exit as the only way out.  They went this way following the corridor the right but not before Vhorzim went left up some stairs only to find himself overlooking a massive chasm that he could not see the walls floor or ceiling of.  Though he felt a presence of smoke and fire just as a roar echoed from the depths.  He hightailed it back to the party a stammering wreck.  Thye jested but when he said a “real dragon” they decided to move.  They entered another long corridor eventually passing some steps down and a door at the end.  Rolen fiddled with it setting off a trap sending a lightning bolt streaking down the corridor severely injuring several party members.  The door now opened Binki stepped in.  They found an illusionary door in the wall and binki went through finding himself back in the first  corridor.  The rest of the party took the staircase realising it led back to the room of pillars.  They decided to go back to the narrow corridor not scorched by lightning burns and followed an opening in the wall.  They entered another narrow corridor and went left finding themselves in a room with two exits.  Here they decided to take a rest to tend to their burns and wounds not knowing how much time had gone by….  Little did they know enemies were already aware of their presence and preparing to deal with them……



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